Rock Creek Productions

This is the second project for Rock Creek Productions. After completing a redesign for their stand-alone studio site, we created a fully custom design for the full site, including custom fields and custom post types for easy editing, and a secure client portal where clients can upload and download content for review during production.

Piano Emporium

Piano Emporium is a licensed Yamaha piano retailer with two locations in Western North Carolina. The first Yamaha dealer to sell pianos online, this full-service shop also sells a wide range of used pianos and provides delivery and tuning. This was a fully custom design by Lydia Roberts Design and is built off of the genesis theme platform, and includes Custom Fields for easy editing.

CS Realty


CS Realty is a specialty rentals company that focuses on people who are visiting the Tryon, N.C. area for the many equestrian events at the Tryon International Equestrian Center. Some of his rentals include amenities such as horse facilities and additional parking. We built a flexible real estate site that would allow him to offer both short and long term rentals and sales on the same site and to update bookings and properties directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Friends of Connect Buncombe


Friends of Connect Buncombe is a non-profit organization that works to build and improve greenway spaces in Buncombe County, North Carolina. They had a site based on the Drupal platform, but wanted to transition to WordPress to improve the function and updating of their website. We built a site that included enhanced forms, a donation platform and an events calendar to help them better reach their members.

The Burning Sage


The Burning Sage is a mission-based company that provides yoga classes, Ayurveda and natural body products. She needed a very simple website that would highlight her courses, workshops, and products and would be expandable for future business growth. Using a simple template and a page builder, we created a website that would allow her to edit and update the site as her practice grows.

Rock Creek Productions Studios


Rock Creek Productions needed a new, stand-alone website for their production studio in Herndon, Va. Starting with existing branding, I created a custom, fully responsive, one-page theme that highlights the tools they have available in their studio space, the types of productions they have experience with, and their recent work.

Appalachian Food Storybank

Appalachian Food Storybank is a non-profit dedicated to telling the stories of food producers in the Appalachian region, and working with students at High Schools and Colleges in the region to gather these stories in video and audio formats. They had an existing WordPress site that wasn’t working, so this project involved two parts. First, I had to fix the issues with the existing site, then transfer that content to a new design.

This project included training the organization to work with the site themselves, and to train students to upload content to the site, as well.

Moving Sidewalk Tours

Moving Sidewalk Tours is the only Segway Tour Company that serves downtown Asheville, N.C. and after being in business for 8 years, the owner decided he needed a new website. Knowing that many of his users were tourists on mobile devices looking for activities in town, he wanted to focus on a mobile-friendly design that included the most important information for his customers, and allowed people to submit reservation requests through the site.

I built him a custom designed site with simple, easy to navigate pages, and a reservation form that collected all of the important information from potential customers, allowing the business owner to follow up with those people to confirm their tour dates and times.

Since releasing this site, the business owner has gotten additional business from mobile users and is utilizing the reservation system to reduce the time he needs to spend on phone calls setting up reservations.

Attorney David G. Budd

Family and Criminal Law Attorney David G. Budd needed to replace an existing site with something that was mobile-ready and included  the most important information for his clients and potential clients. He wanted a clean, professional looking site with the key information up front. I designed a site that included information for his potential clients and pointed them to the phone number as the main call to action.

Creative Life Waves

Creative Life Waves is a company that holds international surfing and yoga retreats for women. They needed a website on a very short time frame in order to announce their first retreat in line with their marketing plan. The client had already selected a WordPress theme they wanted to work from but was struggling with the visual editor customizations. I helped them realize their goals on the site by implementing some custom design elements and working within the visual editor. In addition, I provided training on their chose theme to allow them to customize the site further themselves.

Clear View Farm, Landrum, S.C.

Clear View Farm, a horse training facility in Landrum, S.C., needed website that was responsive, held the most important information, and was easy for the owners to update themselves. They had a tight budget and were looking for a quick turnaround. I developed this site using their existing site design, but using a responsive platform so that their mobile users could read the information and view images on the site.

This project included an on-site training session for the owners of the farm.

Asheville Taxi

AVL Taxi is a local taxi company that needed a basic website with a mobile-first design. The vast majority of use cases for this website are passengers who are needing to call a taxi from their mobile device. Working with a designer, we developed a site that allowed mobile users to jump directly to the text and phone number for a taxi. In addition, it was important to the business owner that he could highlight community organizations he was involved with and allow new drivers to apply for to drive with AVL taxi online. For those experiences, we focused on a desktop experience with a Google doc integrations.

Elect Nancy Nehls Nelson

Nancy Nehls Nelson was a candidate for local office in Buncombe County, N.C. and needed a fast, low-budget website developed to host her platform positions, her calendar, and volunteer signup forms. Many of her users were on mobile so I created a website that loaded quickly and effectively on mobile and included special signup forms for volunteers.

I also added a donation system to allow her supporters to donate directly to the campaign through her website.

Districtly Speaking

In 2015, I completed a redesign of the original Districtly Speaking website, which I built in 2012, after the founder, Jonelle Henry, approached me to help her design and build a website for this project. She had purchased a WordPress template that was not working correctly, and had some ideas of changes she’d like to make for the site. Working together over a period of a few weeks, I redesigned the site from a free template and customized that template to include an image slider and social media widgets, including a calendar of events.

My work with Districtly Speaking has continued through occasional updates and tech support, and included training Ms. Henry to update the content of the site herself.

Purposeful Leadership Conference

Building on top of an existing WIX site and working with a designer to ensure unified branding across the Conference materials, I built a landing page and registration page for the 2016 Purposeful Leadership Conference. We had twin goals of broadening participation in the conference and getting a registration site up as quickly as possible to allow potential attendees to take advantage of the early-bird pricing scheme.

Bear Taco

A fledgling hammock company needed a landing page and video created for a Kickstarter campaign to get their company off the ground. Working with the family company, and a photographer, I shot and edited a Kickstarter video and prepared a simple landing page to tell their story. In addition, I built the Kickstarter page and a one-month social media page to help spread the word and raise the funds to get their hammock camping system made right here in Western North Carolina.

Jack and Jill Foundation of America

A national non-profit organization needed a quick homepage refresh to match their brand new mission statement and strategic plan. With a very quick (less than one week) turnaround, I upgraded their WordPress site and applied a new template to match their new logo and branding guidelines. We also quickly updated a few pages to get the ball rolling. This is an ongoing project.

National Association of Counselors in Private Practice

A private practice counselor in Asheville, N.C. started a national organization for those like her in the process of starting their own private counseling practices. She needed a website that included a prominent blog section, elements to drive newsletter signups, a paid membership system and corresponding email newsletter system, and a member forum for discussion groups. Working with WordPress and plugins from Paid Membership Pro and BBPress, I constructed a website to meet her needs. In addition, this project includes training sessions for the client with the goal of handing over the website completely at some point. This is an ongoing project.

Epling Farm

A local farm outside of Asheville, N.C., is starting a farm store and delivery program and built a basic WordPress website to support those efforts. The farmer came to me looking for help customizing the website and integrating the store software she chose. Using a child theme, I customized the color palette and styling and integrated the store via embed code.

Lewis Real Estate

After creating a new, modern logo for Lewis Real Estate, a commercial real estate firm in Asheville, N.C., The Goss Agency designed and created a new WordPress website for this client. Working from a template, I customized the site for Lewis’s needs, including adding a listings system and news section.

Paradise Beach, Cozumel, Mexico

Working with a beach resort in Cozumel, Mexico, whose key customer base is cruise ship excursions, I designed and created a new WordPress website for this client. Working from a template, I customized the site for the client’s needs, including improving the load time by more than 30% over the original template, and adding a dynamic Google Map directly to the php files.

For more information on how I can help you build your web presence from the ground up or work with an existing site to improve your user experience and web traffic, contact me below.